Summer of Love... and Classic Who

The BBC is teaming up with the folks over at to give us an entire summer of Classic Doctor Who!

This should be hilarious.

They are playing most of Classic Who (pre-1990) in Chronological order. Starting on March 29th with the first-ever episode of Doctor Who and ending on July 23rd with the last episode of the Classic Who era. Over 100 stories, over 500 episodes, of Classic Who will be free to watch!

Anyway, you can watch them all on

Pro Tip: A lot of these episodes will be perfect for a Bad Movie Night. Invite your friends over, and don’t take anything seriously.

Viewing Calendar

(All episodes repeated throughout the day)

1st Doctor - William Hartnell - Black and White

TV pacing used to be much slower

Date Adventures
29 May An Unearthly Child,
The Daleks,
The Edge Of Destruction
30 May The Keys Of Marinus,
The Aztecs,
The Sensorites
31 May Planet Of Giants,
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth,
The Rescue,
The Romans
1 June The Web Planet,
The Space Museum,
The Chase
4 June The Time Meddler,
The Ark,
The Gunfighters,
The War Machines

2st Doctor - Patrick Troughton - Black and White

The Doctor is a cosmic hobo. He is bohemian, goofy, and has a Beatles hair cut.

Date Adventures
5 June Tomb Of The Cybermen,
The Ice Warriors,
The Enemy of the World
6 June The Web Of Fear,
The Dominators,
The Mind Robber
7 June The Krotons,
The Seeds Of Death,
The War Games

3rd Doctor - Jon Pertwee - Now in color!

The Doctor is James Bond. He knows karate and does secret missions for the British government.

Date Adventures
8 June Spearhead From Space,
The Silurians
11 June The Ambassadors Of Death,
12 June Terror Of The Autons,
The Mind Of Evil,
The Claws Of Axos
13 June Colony In Space,
The Daemons,
The Curse Of Peladon
14 June The Sea Devils,
The Mutants
15 June The Time Monster,
The Three Doctors,
Carnival Of Monsters
18 June Frontier In Space,
Planet Of The Daleks
19 June The Green Death,
The Time Warrior,
Invasion Of The Dinosaurs
20 June Death To The Daleks,
The Monster Of Peladon,
Planet Of The Spiders

4th Doctor - Tom Baker - “Scarf Doctor”

The Golden Age of Classic Who

Date Adventures
21 June Robot,
The Ark In Space,
The Sontaran Experiment,
Genesis of the Daleks
22 June Revenge Of The Cybermen,
Terror Of The Zygons,
Planet Of Evil,
Pyramids Of Mars
25 June The Android Invasion,
The Brain Of Morbius,
The Seeds Of Doom
26 June The Masque Of Mandragora,
The Hand Of Fear,
The Deadly Assassin,
The Face Of Evil
27 June The Robots Of Death,
The Talons Of Weng-Chiang,
Horror of Fang Rock
28 June The Invisible Enemy,
Image Of The Fendahl,
The Sunmakers,
2 July The Invasion Of Time,
The Ribos Operation,
The Pirate Planet
3 July The Stones Of Blood,
The Androids Of Tara,
The Power Of Kroll,
The Armageddon Factor
4 July Destiny Of The Daleks,
City Of Death,
The Creature From The Pit,
Nightmare Of Eden
5 July The Horns Of Nimon,
The Leisure Hive,
Full Circle
6 July State Of Decay,
Warriors’ Gate,
The Keeper Of Traken,
K9 And Company

5th Doctor - Peter Davison - He’s so young!

The Doctor is a cricket player and has a lot of friends. (You’ll hate one of them.)

Date Adventures
9 July Castrovalva,
Four To Doomsday,
The Visitation
10 July Black Orchid,
Arc Of Infinity
11 July Snakedance,
Mawdryn Undead,
12 July The King’s Demons,
Warriors Of The Deep,
The Awakening,
The Caves Of Androzani

6th Doctor - Colin Baker - The Doctor is an asshole…

…and his coat will make you nauseous.

Date Adventures
16 July The Twin Dilemma,
Attack Of The Cybermen,
Vengeance On Varos
17 July The Mark Of The Rani,
The Two Doctors,
18 July The Trial Of A Time Lord*

*This is an entire season.

7th Doctor - Sylvester McCoy - The Doctor is fun again!

I didn’t believe what people said about cocaine in the ’80s, until I saw this hot mess.

Date Adventures
19 July Time And The Rani,
Paradise Towers,
Delta And The Bannermen,
20 July The Happiness Patrol,
Silver Nemesis,
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy,
Ghost Light
23 July The Curse Of Fenric,

Published: May 30 2018