The 13th Doctor

The BBC has announced that Jodie Whittaker will be the actor to play the next Doctor on Doctor Who.

Jodie Whittaker via BBC

Fans can talk about little else.


Whittaker is maybe best known for Broadchurch, an incredibly successful British crime drama. The show is pretty somber, dealing with the fallout in family affected by child murder. Whittaker’s performance is top-notch; she is good at her craft. In the show, she actually works alongside David Tennant and David Bradley who have also played the Doctor.

Whittaker has done a lot of other stuff too. But the nerdcore knows her best for her part in Attack the Block: the 2011 indie sci-fi movie where aliens invade a South London neighborhood and end up in a war with the local gang. The movie is action and sci-fi with a fun, light tone that might be good practice for an aspiring Doctor.

Interestingly, the new Doctor Who show runner, Chris Chibnall, also ran Broadchurch. Maybe knowing the right people helps, or maybe he just knows that he can get the performance he wants out of Whittaker. Though it sounds like she just crushed the audition.


The 13th Doctor’s first episode will be the 2017 Christmas special. That means fans will have to wait five-and-a-half months to see Whittaker as the Doctor. But even then, it is a good guess that Capaldi will remain the Doctor for most of that episode. In reality, Whittaker won’t really take the reigns until the start of Season 11, currently projected for October, 2018.

Brace yourself for a long wait.

Published: July 17 2017