Minor Obsessions

Life is filled with things that I find totally engrossing for a short time. If one of these things fits in a blog post, I’ll share it.

Intermediate Git Topics

An Introduction to Merging, Conflicts, Rebasing, and Submodules

Python Virtual Environments

A quick introduction to Python Virtual Environments.

Technical Debt

How to do the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Building Software

Good Unit Tests and Testable Code

Good tests help you, and good code is testable.

An Introduction to Git

A Gentle, if Technical, Introduction to Git

Hyperinflation Banknotes

Money is Fictional

Life over Time

Cheat Sheet for the evolution of life over geologic time.

Donate to Plant Trees

A short list of trusted charities that will spend your money wisely.

Let's Learn AWK

A tiny language that is already everywhere.

The Most Common Linux Commands

Getting Started with the Linux Commandline

Git: to Stash, or not to Stash

A quick introduction to git stash workflows

Getting Started with Docker

Beginner introduction to Docker

Mutual Funds for Beginners

A Introduction to Mutual Funds for Beginners

Tools for Cleaning Up Git Repos

A couple of useful tools for doing the Spring Cleaning on your old Git repos.

Chilli Pepper Spiciness Ratings

A quick listing of some chilli peppers, with their Scoville rating

Doctor Who Checklist

Keep track of the episodes you have and (more importantly) haven't seen, with this easy checklist.

Installing RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu

A Linux user's guide to installing RetroPie onto a Raspberry Pi.

Text-Based Games in the 3D Era

Why text-based games are still popular in the age of 3D graphics

Making a Roguelike in ROT.js

Experimenting with Web-Based, Client-Side Roguelikes in ROT.js

Why I Disabled Disqus Comments

Why I removed the Disqus comments from my blog.

Everything Wrong with JavaScript: vol 2

Minor Atrocities in JavaScript

Everything Wrong with JavaScript: vol 1

Design Flaws and Major Problems in JavaScript

When will AI beat Dwarf Fortress?

You think Go is the hardest game in the world? Try surviving Dwarf Fortress at a random starting location.

Super-Minimal Git Primer

A high-level, bare bones introduction to using Git.

JavaScript vs ECMAScript

JavaScript, ECMAScript, and the Browser Wars

Rock Climbing Knots

The minimal set of knots that I absolutely must know to go rock climbing.

The History of Tolkien's Dwarves

The entire history of the Dwarves of Middle Earth.

Backpacking Gear Guide

A full guide to the gear you need for backpacking.

River Song's Timeline

Watching all of the Doctor Who episodes with River Song, but from her timeline.

Smallest Lenses on the Sony a7

The smallest lenses adaptable to the Sony a7-series.

Python GZIP Peformance

Improve your Python GZIP performance on text files.

The Most Famous Photograph

What can you learn from the most famous photograph of all time?