Doctor Who Quotient

How big a fan of the show are you? And I don’t want some timey-wimey answer. I want a number.

The Doctor Who Quotient

Your Doctor Who Quotient (Q) is the fraction of complete stories you have seen:

Q = (# stories you've seen) / 276

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What is a Story?

Doctor Who has always been broken into “stories”. Sometimes a single episode is a stand-alone story. But sometimes, particularly in the old days, four episodes in a row are part of a single, tightly-bound “story”. These are how we measure your knowledge of the Doctor.

  • 276 TV stories have aired, so far
  • 155 stories aired between 1964 and 1989
  • 26 of the original 155 stories are at least partially lost
  • 1 made-for-TV movie was made in 1996
  • 120 stories have aired since the 2005 reboot

What’s Your Quotient?

If you are a serious Nu-Whovian, and have been watching since 2005, your Q could be as high as:

Q = 120 / 276 = 0.43  (serious fan)

A classic Whovian, who watched religiously from 1964 to 1989, might have a Q as high as:

Q = 155 / 276 = 0.56  (addict)

If you started watching Doctor Who today and got totally obsessed, you could watch all the stories except the lost 26. This could put your Q as high as:

Q = (276 - 26) / 276 = 0.91  (wildly insane)

Find your Q.

Published: June 01 2016